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Voices of Young People in New York State

Here's what young people have to say about sex education in their schools...

We don't even have a sex ed class at our school. Teachers never even talk about it. The information is basicaslly nothing and it needs to be given out to the students.

- 10th grader, Nichols School, Buffalo, NY

I'm so glad that I go to a private school, so that I can get information
about sex ed without the federal government interfering. We don't really
have a designated sex ed class or anything, you're supposed to do a
section of it in health (which everyone needs to take to graduate).
Unfortunately, our health teacher doesnt always get to the sex ed section in high school health. Usually, though, it is covered in middle school. To make up for this lack, I guess, our Support Organization for Students has a women's health day every spring. This past year, a local gynocologist came in and talked with us about birth control and pelvic exams, as well as a woman from Planned Parenthood, who showed us how to put on condoms, as well as talked about other forms of birth control.

- 12th grader, Albany Academy for Girls, Albany, NY

My school which is located around Sunset Park, 41st Brooklyn, they don't teach us about sex. I already had sex and I would like to know more information.

- 7th grader, Dewey Middle School, Brooklyn, NY

I think they should put sex education in public school because it's us
people our age that are contracting HIV/AIDS and other STD's and they
call it teen pregnacy for a reson because it's a whole race of teens in this epidemic. People between the ages of 15-25 that are dying from this disease. I think it's because of lack of information. No parent wants to have that talk with their child and our friends tell us about sex
whether they want us to know about it or not. So, why not put an end to this epidemic. Cut out an ART class and make it a requirement to pass sex education!

- 9th grader, Spring Valley High School, Spring Valley, NY





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